only now do i realize i haven't blogged in so long! hahaha And for that i apologize. I have tons of stories to share with you guys and i promise i'd find time to blog about it soon!

KAT :)


Glad You Came

I spent last wednesday's night at taft! Nic's back in Manila and we decided to meet up! :)
 We contacted Gian too!!!! I was really REALLY excited to see both of them. We had late dinner at Tori Box located at One Archer's Place. I wasn't too hungry so i wasn't able to finish the food but it was GOOD! :) We were talking while eating most of the time. So many stories to talk about. HAHAHA After dinner we decided to stay at G's condo upstairs! :)
Beer + Good Music + Great Memories with Awesome Friends = FUN NIGHT! 

 Oh HI!!! :) this is "Blurry Me and Gian" HAHAHA
and this is "Not Blurry Me and Nic" ! :p
I had a really good time that night! So many thing's i wanted to do, So little time!! :( 
Well there's always a next time ;)