Glad You Came

I spent last wednesday's night at taft! Nic's back in Manila and we decided to meet up! :)
 We contacted Gian too!!!! I was really REALLY excited to see both of them. We had late dinner at Tori Box located at One Archer's Place. I wasn't too hungry so i wasn't able to finish the food but it was GOOD! :) We were talking while eating most of the time. So many stories to talk about. HAHAHA After dinner we decided to stay at G's condo upstairs! :)
Beer + Good Music + Great Memories with Awesome Friends = FUN NIGHT! 

 Oh HI!!! :) this is "Blurry Me and Gian" HAHAHA
and this is "Not Blurry Me and Nic" ! :p
I had a really good time that night! So many thing's i wanted to do, So little time!! :( 
Well there's always a next time ;)


Independence Day

We celebrated Independence Day making our tummies happy. It was AM shift for us thus free time in the afternoon! We headed to Tomas Morato right after duty and we dropped by GongCha for some tea!

We had late lunch at Banapple! Ofcourse as expected, I ordered my favorite Hickory Baby Back Ribs and their House Blend Iced Tea. :) hehee craving's satisfied!

I decided to wear something far from my usual girly outfits. This NBA finals has gotten into me thus the outfit. lol I feel very sporty wearing this. HAHAHA to know more about this look, check out my lookbook page!

Cute Shot! Here am i with my co-interns being our vain selves :))) 

So full! AM shifts has been proven foodtrip day for us all!  :)))))


Catch Up Tuesday

Last Tuesday after class i met up with PJ and we went to Gateway cause we got so much catching up to do! We were waiting for the guys since we're heading to HighStreet to grab dinner! It was very sweet of them to go on this spontaneous trip even if they have 7am duty the next day just because i was free that night! I've been M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks and i guess THEY MISS ME. hahahahahahhahahahaha  
Kidding aside, this is me and my friend Princess a.k.a. PJ being our vainselves. I decided to wear a white slouchy top from Forever21 over a customized Aztec printed shorts that i got from Bubbles during the Supersale Bazaar. totally random but I really do feel taller whenever i have these on. HAHAHA
We dropped by Sonja's Cupcakes at Serendra and i feel bad i did not buy the strawberry cheesecake/cupcake that i saw at the counter that night. It looked super yummy but i wasn't craving for cupcakes that time sooo... BUT next time i swear i'll definitely try it! 
We had dinner at Brother's Burger not because we wanted burgers but because it was the only store serving food that was left open when we arrived HighStreet. lol

Kenneth was playing around with my camera and i think these are AMAZING SHOTS <3 
*hands down*  
 It was nice catching up with you guys!!!! One thing's for sure---I MISS YOU GUYS :(



If you're wondering what i've been up to this month of MAY...well minus the beach and summer parties i was mostly stucked in the hospital. Internship has started the very first day of MAY 2012.  I was assigned at De Los Santos STI Medical Center. Pretty close to where i live so it's all good.
Do we look professional enough? HAHAHA this is "us" posing ala Grey's Anatomy cast. lollll
What's fun about internship is you get to meet new people! NEW FRIENDS! :D I'm lucky they're as crazy as I am :))))
I'm going to be the best intern ever! *flips hair* CHOSSS

It's not always about the serious medical stuff though. We do Foodtrip too!!! HAHAHA

 so far, my internship experience has been fun and exciting! I don't feel stressed at all. or maybe not yet. hahaha =)))) Even the medtech staffs makes us feel like we're just a big barkada hanging out and having fun. 

Tomorrow marks the start of classes for most students in my school. Mine starts this Tuesday and i'm excited to see my previous blockmates again, and ofcourse meet my new classmates as well! Hope you all had a great summer vacation! School's officially back----GOODLUCK! :)