1. What is your full name? How old are you?
It's Katrine Mae F. Salvador and I am 18 years old :)
2. What school are you from?
I am currently in 3rd year college studying at the University of Santo Tomas :) 
3. What camera do you use for photography?
I use my Canon EOS 550D.  i'm no pro either. i just know the basics and try to explore based on what i know :)
4. How tall are you? 
I am far from being considered tall. haha I am only 5'4 :|
5. Are you by any chance, korean or japanese or chinese? 
Nopeee! i am a filipina :)
6. How would you define your style?
 It varies. Most of the time It's pretty laid back,casual  haha but then I can't deny I could dress super girly sometimes. ;p It depends on the mood.
7. You're also inclined to music?
Hell YEAH! I can say that ARTS is like my field of interest. I sing and play the guitar and piano. I am a frustrated violinist(i can't freaking play this thing!! ToT It's making me sad :/ )
8. Why do you blog? 
I've had a lot of blogs prior to this one. I love writing. I am the type of person who likes looking back at memories and writing it here,blogging, gives me the chance to go back anytime on a certain point of my amazing life :)