Barely Breathing

It is officially 3 weeks till the end of term!!!! As expected the last weeks including this one is going to be HELL. I am still alive, atleast still trying my best to survive HAHA Been studying everyday, every single night. "Hangga't may dilim, may pag-asa." If you get what it means YOU ARE GOOOOOD :) LOL I am seriously t rying my best to keep up with it. School has totally eaten my social life. It's been really hard these past couple of days. Been having skin breakouts already :(
Like now, i have like 3 quizzes tomorrow and i haven't finished one!!! Wish me luck on finals!!! :)


Playlist Update

Song of the day. 

i was watching One tree Hill when i came across this song. I totally can relate to this song. LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN FOR ME. lol kidding aside. But i do think it is a beautiful beautiful song :3 Go listen!:) 


Stupid thing called Cheating

          It is exactly 1:13 in the morning right now and i'm super sleepy. I wanna sleep so bad but i don't wanna fail the quiz tomorrow so i have no choice but to study. I'm pretty sure the test is going to be mindfuck. Apparently, some irresponsible students from our class were caught cheating by one of our professors, inflicting damage to the whole class. The truth is i kind of have an idea of who those people are and i consider them stupid for doing so. 
The thing is, i feel so bad that the whole class has to suffer for what they did. IT'S STUPID.  I am sure the professor wasn't kidding when she said the last test wasn't counted because of what happened. That was 50 points mind you, big enough to pull our grades down.  asdjfkdsajfkdsjfjfkadsj 
seriously, i am super super super pissed. 

I have no idea what's gonna happen to them but all i can say is...FACE THE CONSEQUENCES BITCHES:)