Party in my bedroom

So Dad went to a carshow a while ago and i kind of tagged along. I find cars interesting but just so so. And mini coopers are cute cars! We have one at home and it's red. Dad was actually invited to join the Cooper's Club and he's thinking about joining :D So after the show mom and I went shopping and did some grocery. I did bought a couple of stuffs today. Haven't done shopping in a while so yeah.

 And i got new headphones too! The last one got broken again. FML :| I switched to bubbles again. Just because i like the color and...i like the color hahaha! it's the third time i'm getting a bubble earphones so i have 3 splitters already. :P major soundtrip, game? lol thinking about selling the other 2! tell me if you're interested! :)

and now i'm drinking alone in my room! haven't done this in a while. I just wanted to chill and just forget about things. I turned up the volume, set up some lights, play some feel good music... #nowplaying Party in my bedroom-Cash Cash and all is good. And now I'll finish this drink and i'm off to bed. Goodnight! xoxo


Everyday i'm studying, studying, studying

The rain hasn't stopped. So i'm stuck at home. I have to study for quizzes next week. I've started reading some pages in Microbiology but my concentration is still nowhere to be found. I just wanna sleep all day. It feels like my bed is extra softer, the comforter's hug is warmer...in short, i just wanna stay in bed all day! :) 

I think it's a good thing too. I need to makeup for all those sleepless nights last week. It's been pretty stressful, so hello eyebags and darker circles hahaha My skin get's pretty bad when i'm out of sleep. And now that i'm getting some rest, it has gotten better thankfully. That's why I've recently changed my skincare routine to cope up with my stressful school days. Hoping it's gonna work better this way:):) 

The storm is getting scary. I hope everyone is safe! :(


Rain Rain Go Away

Our classes got suspended around 4pm and it was so raining so hard. They said manila was actually in Signal #3. I went back to the dorm immediately and waited for mom and dad to pick me up. It was so hard going home last night. It's flooded everywhere, non-stop raining, heavy traffic. I was lucky enough that i did not get stranded. I heard UST and Lasalle was flooded badly :( I hope everyone was able to get home safe. Upto now the rain hasn't stop. I am back in Bulacan, there's no flood here in our place so all is good. Let's pray that  nothing bad will happen to all of us. Take Care everyone :)

Etude House Haul

My friend Jesrhel told me about the Etude House Sale and Last Tuesday, was actually the last day of sale. My classes ends at 7pm every tuesday so i had second thoughts on going.  The nearest etude house branch to my place was the one in SM Manila. We got dismissed few minutes before seven, it was dark outside already But! i went anyway. hahaha It was my first time commuting alone at night. I rode the jeepney with Bea but she went down few blocks away. I had to walk alone in the creepy underground tunnel to go to the mall. HAHAHA I did not walk actually, it was more of a walking so fast that it looks like running lol =))  
Got there around 7:20 already and i promised myself i have to be home before 8pm! So i went straight to etude, checked the products, bought what i liked, bought something for a friend and go! hahaha I was suppose to ride a jeepney again but i chose taxi instead. Less creepy hahaha but still creepy.
 Thank God i got home safe! :) :) :)

Did not bought a lot cause i was on a rush, but i'm happy cause i got what i needed :)
1. Happy Tea Time Cleansing foam in Aloe Vera (which i totally love using btw! )
2. Proof 10: Lip and Cheek Tint ( It's Waterproof! :3 )
3. Matte Nailpolish in a coral-ish color :)
4. Eyebrow pencil ( i thought i got the wrong color cause it appeared too light in the box but it works perfectly actually!) 
5. A honey facial mask for Theresa
6. and a powder puff with a case, that reminds me so much of agar plates from Microbiology Lab a while ago hahaha! 
I got that box with Sandara's face for free. It's filled with cotton essentials. I was interested to buy their corset blushers but then the colors i liked were out of stock already :| Also i saw this thing called Pore Eraser or something haha but then, no more stocks left for meeee :| might get it next time i drop by their store instead:)  


Haircut time!

I am back in Manila. Rain hasn't stopped so i'm hoping there will be no classes tomorrow! hahaha We visited Tita in the Hospital a while ago and i'm happy that she's recovering now after her operation :) We also watched Green lantern at the block and it was such an awesome film. Damn Boy, Ryan Reynolds is hot HAHA i liked him at "The Proposal", and now i like him even more lol I also got a haircut. So the photo above is the last moments of my previous 4 years look. It's a lot shorter now, but still far from being considered a bob. I got full bangs again which is making me quite uncomfortable since i got used to the side swept for 4 years. Much easier to manage kase :( But then, let's hope i'd love this look as much as i did to the last one. Oh and my new stylist's name is Grace. i think i still prefer Yuki and Eddie but i have no choice since both of my stylist are now back in Korea. Will try to take a decent picture tomorrow so you can see!

Here's a photo! :) It's blurred i know. i was on a rush and it was just taken by my phone haha! 

 I'm studying right now, because i have to admit i'm still not ready to take the test tomorrow hahaha So shettt *fingers crossed* suspension of classes tomorrow pleaseeeee!!!


Sunday Morning

Suppose to wake up early to go to Church with mom and dad :)  But then i couldn't open my eyes. Too sleepy :| I studied the whole night and slept late so waking up really early the next day was possible but not reasonable! hahaha So i went back to sleep...

 It was raining the whole day :| All i wanted to do was to lay in my bed and sleep! haha I had to continue studying though. So i picked up my book and started reading. I kept yawning. As expected, i had a lot of breaks, that upto now, i'm still not done studying! I promise i'll turn the laptop off after posting this and go back to studying. and this time no more breaktime HAHAHA.

I watched goodvibes after ASAP. It's the only local show that i  actually love watching. I am kinda jealous of Devon there. Partner nya lahat ng crush ko :|:|  

Going back, so i spent the whole afternoon watching tv, surfing the internet, listening to Andrew Garcia's new single "Crazy"!, which is super duper awesome song btw! go listen to it. it's a feel good song i promise! :D 

After a while, i decided to do a little cover myself. I did Bruno Mars' Lazy Song. hahaha Suits my mood well. 

Go check out my facebook wall or youtube page to listen to it :):) 

"there are thoughts in my mind right now. but i'm not gonna say anything yet. but i'll be here watching you. " 




It's a Saturday Night! I'm enjoying the long weekend so far. I missed being bored so i'm becoming my lazy self again. :/ I have tons of books to study and i've only read around 2 pages upto now i think! I promise i'll read some more pages before i go to bed! It's father's day tomorrow and i want to thank my Dad for being the best dad EVER. He's always there for me and for some reason i am Daddy's only girl so i'm a bit spoiled---but not a brat definitely! (sometimes maybe! hahaha!) =)) I love you Daddy! 

Anyway, So this is what i wore today. Check out my lookbook page for details :):) 

Also!! I will be getting a haircut tomorrow or this Monday! I have no idea what style :O this always happens to me every year. there is this day where i just wanna cut my hair and i won't stop till i get it done. For the past years, thank god i liked the results hahaha I'm still thinking and imagining what to get at the moment hahaha! or maybe i could just let the stylist cut it and do whatever she wants with it hahaha :|  HAIRSTYLE PLEASE DROP BY MY DREAMS IN A BIT  :) 


Animo Lasalle

So we were part of the 100 years celebration of De LaSalle University last Thursday. It was jammed-pack. Almost everyone who were there, proudly wears green. It's nice to see the support and love that they give to their university. A lot of things didn't turned out as planned :/ But nevertheless we had so much fun. We didn't stay long inside the campus. Because of too much people inside, we could barely move. It's crazy! So we went outside and look for other places where we could chill :3 If you wanna know where we went, "itanung mo sa hotdog ni aljur!" HAHAHA lol When it was time for us to go home already, we went to SM Manila to pick up Kevin, Jesrhel's boyfriend. We literally laughed out loud inside the taxi =)) It was fun fun fun night after all :)

Back to School

 I am back in Manila! My Awesome funbum-summer-lazy-forever has now ended, unfortunately :/ I have to go back to reality. Hello Stressful-sleepless nights. I had a good start this semester! *proud* LOL We are in the second week now and it has been so much fun so far! I'm still adjusting though :| since my sleeping routine last summer is a bit messed up. Especially since most of my classes starts at 7 am in the m o r n i n g :( But apart from that it's been great experience already and hoping for even better days ahead of me!

New Blog!

yes, I moved to a new blog! the old blog that i had reminds me of so much memories..and it creeps me out! hahaha Okay so now I've pretty much established thew whole "ME" blogging thing but i might also blog about fashion/music- esque related topics too ! I get lazy to blog sometimes but i'll try my best! "Try" being the operative word there hahaha! *fingers crossed* So here's to more blog post! xoxo