Party in my bedroom

So Dad went to a carshow a while ago and i kind of tagged along. I find cars interesting but just so so. And mini coopers are cute cars! We have one at home and it's red. Dad was actually invited to join the Cooper's Club and he's thinking about joining :D So after the show mom and I went shopping and did some grocery. I did bought a couple of stuffs today. Haven't done shopping in a while so yeah.

 And i got new headphones too! The last one got broken again. FML :| I switched to bubbles again. Just because i like the color and...i like the color hahaha! it's the third time i'm getting a bubble earphones so i have 3 splitters already. :P major soundtrip, game? lol thinking about selling the other 2! tell me if you're interested! :)

and now i'm drinking alone in my room! haven't done this in a while. I just wanted to chill and just forget about things. I turned up the volume, set up some lights, play some feel good music... #nowplaying Party in my bedroom-Cash Cash and all is good. And now I'll finish this drink and i'm off to bed. Goodnight! xoxo

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