Sunday Morning

Suppose to wake up early to go to Church with mom and dad :)  But then i couldn't open my eyes. Too sleepy :| I studied the whole night and slept late so waking up really early the next day was possible but not reasonable! hahaha So i went back to sleep...

 It was raining the whole day :| All i wanted to do was to lay in my bed and sleep! haha I had to continue studying though. So i picked up my book and started reading. I kept yawning. As expected, i had a lot of breaks, that upto now, i'm still not done studying! I promise i'll turn the laptop off after posting this and go back to studying. and this time no more breaktime HAHAHA.

I watched goodvibes after ASAP. It's the only local show that i  actually love watching. I am kinda jealous of Devon there. Partner nya lahat ng crush ko :|:|  

Going back, so i spent the whole afternoon watching tv, surfing the internet, listening to Andrew Garcia's new single "Crazy"!, which is super duper awesome song btw! go listen to it. it's a feel good song i promise! :D 

After a while, i decided to do a little cover myself. I did Bruno Mars' Lazy Song. hahaha Suits my mood well. 

Go check out my facebook wall or youtube page to listen to it :):) 

"there are thoughts in my mind right now. but i'm not gonna say anything yet. but i'll be here watching you. " 


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