Everyday i'm studying, studying, studying

The rain hasn't stopped. So i'm stuck at home. I have to study for quizzes next week. I've started reading some pages in Microbiology but my concentration is still nowhere to be found. I just wanna sleep all day. It feels like my bed is extra softer, the comforter's hug is warmer...in short, i just wanna stay in bed all day! :) 

I think it's a good thing too. I need to makeup for all those sleepless nights last week. It's been pretty stressful, so hello eyebags and darker circles hahaha My skin get's pretty bad when i'm out of sleep. And now that i'm getting some rest, it has gotten better thankfully. That's why I've recently changed my skincare routine to cope up with my stressful school days. Hoping it's gonna work better this way:):) 

The storm is getting scary. I hope everyone is safe! :(

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