Ian Somerhalder Meet &Greet + Supersale Bazaar

My fandom life is so blessed right now. 
I met IAN SOMERHALDER in person!!!!! :) 
 Getting kilig by seeing his face on TV is nothing compared to that moment when i saw him in flesh! 
*fangirl moment* chosss

I left my place around 2:20 in the afternoon and i was feeling hopeless that i'd make it in time because around 2:30, i still couldn't find a cab!!! :| When i finally got one i ask the driver, "manong aabot ba ako sa MOA ng 3pm?" he said "pag walang traffic, kaya siguro". I bet he saw how many times i kept looking at my watch hahaha Guess what? I arrived the mall 3:02pm!!! *handsdown manong taxi driver! thankyou! :)*
On my way in, while the guards were checking my bags...I HEARD SCREAMS! 

asdasjdksajdksjdkjsakfjjsfakk just let me in already!!!! hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaa 

(c) Photo i got from Ian's twitter account :)
  there were so many people! i wonder how hot it was to be in between that crowd :O I was lucky enough to catch Ian up close on my way in. Perfect timing muahahaha  >:D
I went out right away, few minutes after he left dahil jinajabar na ko sa dami ng tao LOL hahahahahahahaha I was waiting for my friend Kiara anyway because we're going to the SupersaleBazaar! 
So i stayed at the bridge from MOA to SMX because it was a perfect spot to catch some air.
 OUTFIT OF THE DAY : I decided to go for something casual. Denim Polo top, Aztec/Tribal Dress (worn as top), Coral Colored Shorts, Feather Necklace---all from Forever21. I decided to bring my longchamp because it's a perfect shopping bag. And lastly, the oxfords are from So Fab. 
I was actually expecting a bigger bazaar. There weren't so many booths at the event center. The vibe wasn't so lively too. I guess they changing their music playlist for the event would make a big difference lol But i liked the colorful designs on the ceiling hahaha.
 Most of the booths offered clothing choices, accessories, shoes and bags. Some other booths sell makeup items from brands at Sephora like Urban Decay, Benefit, NYX, Rimmel, EOS, Milani, Orly, OPI and China Glaze. There were also a few booths selling guy items and iphone accessories like Kate Spade and The Beatles.

Kiara and I went around the bazaar not just once. Like i said, it's not so big so you'd find yourself getting around couple of times checking each booths over and over. hahaha 

 I didn't get much stuff from the bazaar. Just few items that caught my eye.

Customized Shorts from Bubbles' booth.
 Vintage Lace Headband from some Japanese sponsored boothand lastly, an Aztec Mini Satchel :) I had second thoughts about the bag because it's too small to be my everyday bag :( But it's too cute i just can't leave it there. hahaha 
Atleast i think my DSLR's gonna fit nicely in it LOL


Nitrogenized Ice Cream

Our last stop for the day was the I-Creamist!
It's located near University of the Philippines, just walking distance from Chill Out Cafe! :) 

 What makes it different from other ice cream shops is that--- they make the icecream from scratch. It's gonna take some time to get your orders but it's totally worth it!!!! :)

That smokey thing he's adding is LIQUID NITROGEN!!! HAHAHA i guess that's their secret ingredient lol. how cool is that hahaha =))) My cousin said it makes the mixture more frosty/icecreamy. I don't know really--i don't talk culinary HAHAHA but i think it's so cool! :)))

 My order is up!!! He's just adding the final touch of the liquid nitrogen and...
 TADA!!! my freshly made Nitrogenized Pistachio Ice Cream :)  HAHAHAHAHAHA it's totally safe to eat this don't worry!
Our next order was served! Like i said, they made your orders from scratch so usually they can only serve one order at a time hehee. These are FRENCH MACAROONS! and those cups are not drinks btw! What you do is you dip the macaroons on these cups containing ofcourse----LIQUID NITROGEN! :) I took a video when we dipped this...we'll see if i can upload that haha

Don't forget to try their smores with toasted marshmallows too! :) 

I think I-creamist is such a unique icecream saloon! visit their branch now. It's definitely worth a try :)
Do you like "me" doing food blog post? If you do, then let me know so i can make more of these type of post! :) Till next time!

Extra Day Off

After visiting ChillOut, we headed to The Fort to grab a drink at Jamba Juice! It's nice to see how different American Fruit Shakes are from what we usually have here in the Philippines. There's no sugar added! It's pure and fresh. I ordered Strawberry Wild and it's probably my new favorite ;)

And while we were sitting outside Jamba Juice, I spotted Cotton On Shop under construction! :) 
It's nice that it's finally opening a branch here in the Philippines! 

  After walking around High Street and Serendra, we headed to Greenbelt and went shopping. I was also able to finally visit the Benefit branch that opened their a month ago i guess and I got the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation! Review of the product will be up on my beauty blog next!
 For dinner we ate at Pho Hoa located at Greenbelt 1. It's a Vietnamese Noodle House :)
Pomelo Shrimp Salad! :) Which is super yummy :)

Pho Do Vien - seafood noodle soup!

Fried Spring Rolls!
Vietnamese food is LOVE. I guess i'm gonna try more of these type of foods in the future hehee :) I had so much fun today---my extra day off from hospital duty was so worth it! :)

ChillOut Tea Cafe

Tuesday was extra day off day for me! My cousins picked me up and we went on a little roadtrip :) We went to their tea/café located at Maginhawa St. near University of the Philippines. Besides milk tea’s and frappes, Chillout Café offers cupcakes and cheesecakes too! Also, they offer meals for your hungry tummies! And right now, their UST P. Noval branch (near University Scoop!) is currently under construction… and I heard their going to serve pastries and food there too!!!! *excited* If you’re on the go, you can also drop by their UST Dapitan branch located at Asturias!


As for their milkteas…Try my personal favorites!!!
Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, Wintermelon Foam Cheese Milk Tea and Oreo Milk Tea and Strawberry Yogurt Milk Tea!

New Closet Babies!!

I went shopping last weekend and it was exciting because i haven't really shopped in a while. And I was with my parents so you know. HAHAHA if you get what i mean hahaha *wink* It was my first time shopping at the newly opened Forever 21 branch at SM North Edsa..so i guess i went a little crazy shopping. It is by far the nearest branch to my place :")

So here's a little haul for you guys :)
I got this striped denim shorts and i think it super cute! It did not came with the belt hahaha But I think they match so i put them together hehee 
 Next item's...DENIM TOPS! I've been into the denim trend for a while now and i have similar tops like this already...BUT what differs is that these are "LIGHT DENIM". Basically, they're not really denim. *inserts confused face here* hahaha The material's lighter, softer than a real denim. 
So it's much more comfortable to wear these types in the summertime! :)
I also got this Coral colored shorts and the shade is so bright, just looking at it makes me happy :) 
and ofcourse, i wouldn't miss the boho section of Forever 21! I've been liking the Aztec/Tribal Trend... loving it actually hahaha. So i got this Aztec-printed Shirt and Dress!  
My favorite purchases i guess hahaha.
 As for accessories, i got this necklace with a deep blue feather detailing. I think it's super pretty! I can already visualize myself wearing this so many times hahaha
 The rest of the stuff i got was... this Crochet-espadrille from Manjaru which btw is super comfortable, i go on my hospital duty wearing this! :)
 and lastly, this aztec poncho from People are People! And i swear this photo is not giving this top justice!!! HAHAHA 
So excited to wear these for the rest of the SUMMER!!! :) :) :)