How i do my makeup?

i have been thinking for months now if i should finally give it a try =)) i like watching videos like this on youtube and i just thought it would be fun to make my own but i was scared people might not like it, and i'm no pro either but anywayyyyyyyyyy i finally end up doing one because i was bored HAHAHA hope you guys will like this though :)))) after this, you're party-ready! lol i'm just kidding ;)

feeling beauty guru ako ngayong gabi pagbigyan nyo na HAHAHAHA =))))

Happy Holidaysssss!!!!! :*


2011 Wish List!

1. OPI teenage dream
2. Kate Spade iphone case in polka dots 
3. Polaroid!! 
4. New lens. 50mm! 
5. Another kate spade iphone case. i like the color of this one! hopefully i could find it :(
6. Forever21 Young, Wild and Free Sweatshirt
7. Sigma Brush Kit 

Dear friends and family if you happen to swing by this blog    

 please take note ! HAHAHA kidding (((: 

but really i'm not kidding. hahaha grant my wishes!! *inserts puppy dog eyes here* I'm guessing i'd probably end up buying this myself. HAHAHA But apparently i'd exchange all this for that one person who shall not be named HAHAHA if you can guess it right you're a genius!!! hahahaha but no really if we're close enough you'd probably guess right who this person is :) <3 blahhblahh  
Loveyou guys!!! Advance Merry Christmas! 



Few hours before our school's Paskuhan celebration we went to Greenhills for foodtrip and some shopping We ate at Omakase and the food was great! I liked the ambiance and the setting too. it reminded me of my kimmidoll collections :)  

sashimi!! it was Athena's.. and she loved it!  
 i ordered the Katsudon because i've been craving for it! and it was good :) 
 This was Hazel's order and i totally forgot what it's called. but looking at it, Gyudon i think? HAHAHA i'm not sure but most likely so ;)

 Hazel's birthday is few days from that day so we decided to surprise her so we bought her a cake. We knew that she did not wanna carry anything big while shopping so we got her the mini one and she ate it right away HAHAHA Happy Birthday!
So here's what i wore that day, Tribal printed kimono top from the World Trade Bazaar, black tank top from MANGO and light wash denim shorts, Red Longchamp and some flats. 

Holiday Haul

Last Monday, we went to see Tita Rowena, a good friend of my mom who recently got back from the US. She brought the goodies i bought from ULTA with her when she came back here. I was really really excited because i've been wanting to buy these in the Philippines, but it's either they weren't available here or the prices were unbelievably HIGH!! it's like the prices are double the original price, sometimes even higher :|

I know it's a lot of stuff but i am pretty much contented with what i have now so... i won't be buying anymore for the time being :) And that would help me save up! My mom actually paid for all this cause i run out of dollars so thanks so much mom! and thanks tita weng!! :)))

Also a week ago i actually got a new phone. I loved my blackberry but i've always wanted an iphone :) more free apps i guess :p I am thinking of selling my BB torch so let me know if you guys are interested ! It's damage free and still in the best condition, the box and everything is complete so.. HAHAHA (do i have a future in marketing? NAAAAATTT lol )

         Anyways, i'm having a great Christmas Break and hope you guys are too! 
Happy Holidays!!  



 I love milktea! and having Moonleaf near my dorm is a happy thing for me!

 I recently discovered they now offer cupcakes!! i have only tried the red velvet, and so far so good :) 

 That's my bestfriend Biboy up there who doesn't wanna show his face to the camera that very moment. HAHAHA

and here's my favorite drink and it's the only drink that i actually keep buying, their bestseller "WINTERMELON MILK TEA" :))  


Geek Night

 it was the last night before Paskuhan! Everyone's about to party! well except for US :| We have 2 tests to study so Princess and I decided to stay at starbucks. It was hard trying to concentrate when your mind wants to take a break from all the stress already :O   
 Princess was making fun of me because i always order Green Tea Frappe or Green Tea Latte or Iced Green Tea Latte whenever we go to starbucks. Almost all of my friends hate how it taste like. :| :| I know it taste a little bit weird but i still like it and this would be my favorite starbucks drink FOREVER hahaha 

 going back, we managed to ignore all the distractions ! well not totally but enough to make us remember what has to be remembered HAHAHA!


Doodle Doodle

So i opened Saab Magalona's blog and i saw her last post. It was planner giveaway! Perfect timing because i was looking for a good planner. I scrolled down the pictures and i immediately fell in love with it :) It suits my personality very much (((: 
So i checked the mechanics and run to find the most decent paper i could find! HAHAHA 
and i found this!!! So i did a some thinking on what to draaaaaw :| First thing that comes to my mind when i hear "Saab Magalona" would be Dr. Martens HAHA idk why maybe because she loves wearing them. So i started with that and everything just fell into place as i was making the doodle. 
 I was gonna stop at this point. well right after adding the face details hahaha but it felt like there was something missing... so i added a few more things that reminds me of her and VOILA!! here's my finished doodle entry! Soooooo...what do you think? 

I hope she'll like it!! Wish me luck! Off to bed now goodnight!


the grass is always greener on the other side

i can't believe this day is over. Last night, or should i saw this morning around 4:30am-ish i was still studying for today's test. I don't understand what's the rush. Why can't they let us take the exam next year? Ohwell, going back..I came to class on time and i was feeling sleepy my eyes were like this -.- fine that was an exaggeration hahaha but i was sleepy. So the first test was given and everyone was O.O *plays owl's sounds  here* The test was freaking fcking crazy!!!! we studied 5 chapters and there were only 15 questions :|  I did my best, *fingers crossed* i hope i did enough hahaha i was about to feel depressed until someone went inside our room, i peeked and boom. **n*e, came in!!!!! i was so happy i was smiling like a kid. :D I kept seeing him today and so all the bad vibes dissapeared in a bliss.
And guess what? Classes dismissed 5 hours earlier than expected!!!! Aaaaahhhh can this day get any better? :D So excited for christmas break! Last day tomorrow! lezzdothisssss !


Forever 21 Haul

Just like in the US, forever21 here in the Philippines also had a thanksgiving sale wherein yellow tag deals would be priced at 50% off!  

 and so last wednesday, it was a holiday so i took the liberty to go to the megamall branch with my favorite shopping buddy, Jeanette! 
 The store was CROWDED you can barely move. Fine that was an exaggeration! hahaha but there were a lot of people. and clothes. haha I had my imaginary shopping list in my mind and i was so happy i bought all of them! 
 I spotted this really cute cat hoodie and i was tempted to buy it! But i did not :) *proud*
spot those yellow tag deals!! 
 forever21 now carries their cosmetics line. I believe it's called love and beauty  i  did a separate blog post about it months ago, you could check it out if you want. But during my visit i decided to get nailpolish instead. But Jeanette decided to try out some products from the line and she told me they were good!  http://itskatrinesalvador.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-21-cosmetics-yay-or-nay.html
 We spotted this really shimmery pink blazer and we thought it was cute! It looked so party ready, you'd probably look like a disco ball. HAHAHA =))

But it's totally cute! if i was celebrating my birthday on a club i would have bought this for sure LOL

That day surely didn't help the "Must save for Christmas" thing but! The experience was so much fun!