2011 Wish List!

1. OPI teenage dream
2. Kate Spade iphone case in polka dots 
3. Polaroid!! 
4. New lens. 50mm! 
5. Another kate spade iphone case. i like the color of this one! hopefully i could find it :(
6. Forever21 Young, Wild and Free Sweatshirt
7. Sigma Brush Kit 

Dear friends and family if you happen to swing by this blog    

 please take note ! HAHAHA kidding (((: 

but really i'm not kidding. hahaha grant my wishes!! *inserts puppy dog eyes here* I'm guessing i'd probably end up buying this myself. HAHAHA But apparently i'd exchange all this for that one person who shall not be named HAHAHA if you can guess it right you're a genius!!! hahahaha but no really if we're close enough you'd probably guess right who this person is :) <3 blahhblahh  
Loveyou guys!!! Advance Merry Christmas! 

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