Holiday Haul

Last Monday, we went to see Tita Rowena, a good friend of my mom who recently got back from the US. She brought the goodies i bought from ULTA with her when she came back here. I was really really excited because i've been wanting to buy these in the Philippines, but it's either they weren't available here or the prices were unbelievably HIGH!! it's like the prices are double the original price, sometimes even higher :|

I know it's a lot of stuff but i am pretty much contented with what i have now so... i won't be buying anymore for the time being :) And that would help me save up! My mom actually paid for all this cause i run out of dollars so thanks so much mom! and thanks tita weng!! :)))

Also a week ago i actually got a new phone. I loved my blackberry but i've always wanted an iphone :) more free apps i guess :p I am thinking of selling my BB torch so let me know if you guys are interested ! It's damage free and still in the best condition, the box and everything is complete so.. HAHAHA (do i have a future in marketing? NAAAAATTT lol )

         Anyways, i'm having a great Christmas Break and hope you guys are too! 
Happy Holidays!!  

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