Forever 21 Haul

Just like in the US, forever21 here in the Philippines also had a thanksgiving sale wherein yellow tag deals would be priced at 50% off!  

 and so last wednesday, it was a holiday so i took the liberty to go to the megamall branch with my favorite shopping buddy, Jeanette! 
 The store was CROWDED you can barely move. Fine that was an exaggeration! hahaha but there were a lot of people. and clothes. haha I had my imaginary shopping list in my mind and i was so happy i bought all of them! 
 I spotted this really cute cat hoodie and i was tempted to buy it! But i did not :) *proud*
spot those yellow tag deals!! 
 forever21 now carries their cosmetics line. I believe it's called love and beauty  i  did a separate blog post about it months ago, you could check it out if you want. But during my visit i decided to get nailpolish instead. But Jeanette decided to try out some products from the line and she told me they were good!  http://itskatrinesalvador.blogspot.com/2011/08/forever-21-cosmetics-yay-or-nay.html
 We spotted this really shimmery pink blazer and we thought it was cute! It looked so party ready, you'd probably look like a disco ball. HAHAHA =))

But it's totally cute! if i was celebrating my birthday on a club i would have bought this for sure LOL

That day surely didn't help the "Must save for Christmas" thing but! The experience was so much fun! 

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