Few hours before our school's Paskuhan celebration we went to Greenhills for foodtrip and some shopping We ate at Omakase and the food was great! I liked the ambiance and the setting too. it reminded me of my kimmidoll collections :)  

sashimi!! it was Athena's.. and she loved it!  
 i ordered the Katsudon because i've been craving for it! and it was good :) 
 This was Hazel's order and i totally forgot what it's called. but looking at it, Gyudon i think? HAHAHA i'm not sure but most likely so ;)

 Hazel's birthday is few days from that day so we decided to surprise her so we bought her a cake. We knew that she did not wanna carry anything big while shopping so we got her the mini one and she ate it right away HAHAHA Happy Birthday!
So here's what i wore that day, Tribal printed kimono top from the World Trade Bazaar, black tank top from MANGO and light wash denim shorts, Red Longchamp and some flats. 

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