Bottoms Up!

How was your Long Weekend ? :D Mine was ALL GOOD :) 
make sure you have your speakers/earphones on before scrolling down! it's worth it i promise :)  

Last weekend, i met up with Paulynn, Jam, Nicole, Moj, Malone, Mark and Dexter. It has been 4 years since the last time i've seen Malone and Moj so it was really nice catching up with them. It's sad they came back to London today. They stayed for about a month here in the philippines but i have been so busy, so I've only seen them last weekend. The last time i've seen them, Moja was just a little kid and now she's all grown up. Gotta love their british accent now! lol I was enjoying listening to it so i kept talking to Malone in english hahaha. 

Actually, Paulynn has been my bestfriend since we were young and we grew up together, and the funny thing is i haven't seen her for about a year now and yet she lives nextdoor! hahaha School has eaten up all my free time seriously. SO those nights were basically like a mini REUNION. i made sure i made the most out of the long weekend. It was one hell of a night.--- ohh two nights actually :D 

Will miss you guys! Hangout again soon! 
Have a safe flight Malone and Moja! See you again in 2 years!!! :) 


Long Weekend!

Midterms are O V E R !!! hell yeah :)

The photos were taken before i left manila friday afternoon. i am at home right now and i am enjoying every bit of it. Long weekend Yay! I still have some schoolworks left to do but cmon, let us rest dear professors. :) I found out from mom that we are celebrating Fiesta tomorrow so cool, fooooood :) Meeting up with some friends later and i am so excited because i haven't seen them for so long. Funny thing is they just live next door! hahaha We are going to watch this gay pageant thing and it's my first time to watch something like that actually lol I think it would be fun! So yeah looking forward to that.
I would like to thank Swissmiss all those nights when i needed to be awake. My sleepless nights are over. I swear i am gonna makeup for all those sleepless nights last week. Long weekend, it rarely happens hahaha

Have a great longgggg weekend!


Long-awaited Package has arrived

 Ohyesss!!! My package has finally arrived! Few weeks ago i ordered a new case for my Blackberry. I've been searching for one for so long and i finally found a shop that's selling it!

YESSSS it is a H O T P I N K case. I am so happy when the guard called up my room and told that a package for me has arrived. I like how vibrant it looks. Yes, it does look too girly, but i like it anyway. The texture a bit silky but it would remind you of smooth felt papers. HAHA if such thing even exist!! lol 

Exams today were crazy! like really C R A Z Y :O We were given only 1 hour each for both tests. It was 100 items and almost 75% of the questions were mindblowing. Well It wasn't actually. The thing is, if only we were given the same lecture and the same notes just like the other sections, the test would've been easy :) But we're nottttttttt :| Right now i'm studying for MTLB and Biostatics. I swear i hate Biostatistics. I don't get ittttttt. Somebody help me :( Gotta go back to studying! Talk to you soon, byeeee :) 


Midterm Break

Second day of midterms tomorrow and it's my ever favorite subject---Parasitology. I don't know why but probably it's because it's the only subject i find the most interesting this term. Intense rainy night and i'm contemplating whether to hope for a suspension of classes or not. Probably not. On friday maybe! HAHAHA I got super inspired to study tonight because of this certain someone who's celebrating his birthday today, who i've been crushing on since last year :):) hahaha  *inserts wide wide smile here*
i've got wounded knee T_T right in the middle of my poor right knee. will blog about what happened once i get the pictures from Nikita :) I can still walk but it does hurt. I hope it wont leave any scars and it would look like nothing happened (yes, be positive :p )    

Wish me luck on my exams tomorrow! Goodnight! :) 


Midterm preparation

My headphones broken again. It was working fine yesterday and now the left one's not working :( I have my midterms next week, and i swear i cannot study without music. It keeps me awake. HAHA I finally gave up on Philips' Bubble Earphones. I've had 3 of them already, and it doesn't last. I saw these and they're much much cheaper! So i decided to buy 2. extra earphones yay. lol 
 Also! I bought a new case for my Blackberry. I am inlove with prints like this, so when i saw this, i immediately bought it hahaha. 
Must start studying tonight. School is taking away all my sleep :( Wish me luck on midterms!!!! 


Dear Reader

Oh hello there :) As you can see I am procrastinating at the moment. HAHAHA Vintage Studio officially launched its Clothing Store last week! It has been planned for so long now. Finally we had the chance to do the shoot. It's nice to see that people liked it. We've sold a couple of pieces already and i'm really happy about it :) Earning extra money on my own feels good. 

This is probably my favorite piece in the collection. I like the summery vibe that it brings. HAHAHA I actually met up with a client a while ago and she bought this piece along with another goodie. Since Vintage Studio is just starting, i wanted to make an impression, and i wasn't feeling lazy that time so i bought a canvas paper bag and doodled the logo on it ! :) I had around 5-10 minutes to do it since i just got out from my 4pm class and i'm meeting the client 4:30 something. hahaha Hence, some mistakes on her shoulder :p

Some friends actually asked me why i did not model the clothes for the Shop. Trust me, i am more comfortable behind the camera than being the one in front of it ;) I hope you guys can find the time to visit our shop! here's the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Studio/189260157795936 :))) Have a great day! 


My Longchamp Dilemma

All of them looks GOOD :( i can't decide which one to get. I am planning on buying one this term break. My top favorite would be the classic red, but the orange and blue ones are so vibrant and cute :| the oil color is so unique though :| Makes me wanna buy them all--ONE TIME BIG TIME HAHAHA i wish =))

So which one do you think i should get? Comment below or tweet me! It would be very much appreciated!:)  

Forever 21 Cosmetics-YAY or NAY?

I've been checking this products out ever since, (products shown above are my picks---a.k.a. hunt list on my next Forever21 visit HAHAHA ) and i heard they're now available in the Forever21 Branches here in the Manila!! I am really excited about this and so i shall plan my next rendezvous soon. 
My Expectations:
the good ones:
it's price---Cheaper !
packaging wise---cute!
the cons: 
quality wise---i don't think it would match up to highend products like M.A.C. though but considering it would cost me just a couple of bucks, i think it's worth a try :)  

Never-ending Busy Mode


Life has been pretty much about school. Never-ending quizzes to be exact. I've been really busy :| School is eating up my social life. Having good friends around me makes every moment worthwhile. Studying together, sometimes even failing together HAHA  

 I would still be busy in the next few weeks. But i promised to see my girls Nikita and Jesrhel real soon. Midterms coming up! --- Bring it on !

Heavy rains expected next week. *fingers crossed* More suspension of classes please! :)))


Splurge Tuesday

 Have you ever tried thrift shopping?---I DID. and it's a nice experience. What you need is patience. Cause once you try to dig in to those pile of clothes, for sure you are going to find a unique piece or maybe even a branded one. On my last thrift shopping, i was lucky enough to find good skirts. As you all know, i am quite a collector of flag designed stuffs. And this is my first flag skirt! I am actually planning on painting a denim short with something like this too!  

 And as for shoes...these are no longer thrifted though! HAHAHAH 
 This is a Pink floral printed flats:) 
 Bought this as "Buy 2 for 300php" on the recent Shoe In Love Bazaar that i went to with 2 of my friends :) Nikita and I bought this! A black version of this for her. 
 This pair was also from the Shoe in Love Bazaar. It's a camel colored Topsider(?) and it's super super comfy! Perfect for days when you have to walk walk walk hahaha  
And one of my new favorite eyeliner atm. I am not sure if you can purchase this on MAC counters though. I spotted this on this one shop and bought it for a cheaper price! I checked the product---turns out there were some mistakes on it's packaging. maybe that's why... But this works really well. It glides on your lids easily. Perfect for rush on-the-go makeup :) Also, I went to trinoma last week because of the Buy One get one free promo of TOPSHOP! Shopped some cute pieces from the store thus, i gotta start saving some money again. The urge to buy something even if i don't really need it---my weakness. Ohwell hahaha. MUST SAVE! wish me luck hehee 



Ohai! I'm here to share to you guys this Korean Brand that i'm currently loving! 
 I was at SM North Edsa when i spotted this store. It's pretty much similar to Etude House and Missha actually. But what really caught my attention was their cutie patootie packaging! 

Too bad i wasn't able to bring my camera to capture its cuteness! Photos are taken from http://www.beauterunway.com/2010/09/tony-moly-singapore-media-preview-at.html :):) I was planning on  buying their BB Cream but i still have my last tube of Missha's so i decided not to. Instead i checked this Highlighter that they have. 
Crystal Light Pink Beam and Gold Beam Highlighter
I got the Pink one, i've tried using it a while ago and i loved it! It gives your skin that dewy effect. It appears shimmery but not TOO shimmery. Just enough to brighten up your face :) I also think that it is fairly priced and packaging wise---absolutely adorable! :D Aside from this product i got some skincare products, masks and some nailpolish too! That same day too, i got my TonyMoly membership card! Will definitely visit again soon!