Long-awaited Package has arrived

 Ohyesss!!! My package has finally arrived! Few weeks ago i ordered a new case for my Blackberry. I've been searching for one for so long and i finally found a shop that's selling it!

YESSSS it is a H O T P I N K case. I am so happy when the guard called up my room and told that a package for me has arrived. I like how vibrant it looks. Yes, it does look too girly, but i like it anyway. The texture a bit silky but it would remind you of smooth felt papers. HAHA if such thing even exist!! lol 

Exams today were crazy! like really C R A Z Y :O We were given only 1 hour each for both tests. It was 100 items and almost 75% of the questions were mindblowing. Well It wasn't actually. The thing is, if only we were given the same lecture and the same notes just like the other sections, the test would've been easy :) But we're nottttttttt :| Right now i'm studying for MTLB and Biostatics. I swear i hate Biostatistics. I don't get ittttttt. Somebody help me :( Gotta go back to studying! Talk to you soon, byeeee :) 

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