Long Weekend!

Midterms are O V E R !!! hell yeah :)

The photos were taken before i left manila friday afternoon. i am at home right now and i am enjoying every bit of it. Long weekend Yay! I still have some schoolworks left to do but cmon, let us rest dear professors. :) I found out from mom that we are celebrating Fiesta tomorrow so cool, fooooood :) Meeting up with some friends later and i am so excited because i haven't seen them for so long. Funny thing is they just live next door! hahaha We are going to watch this gay pageant thing and it's my first time to watch something like that actually lol I think it would be fun! So yeah looking forward to that.
I would like to thank Swissmiss all those nights when i needed to be awake. My sleepless nights are over. I swear i am gonna makeup for all those sleepless nights last week. Long weekend, it rarely happens hahaha

Have a great longgggg weekend!

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