Midterm Break

Second day of midterms tomorrow and it's my ever favorite subject---Parasitology. I don't know why but probably it's because it's the only subject i find the most interesting this term. Intense rainy night and i'm contemplating whether to hope for a suspension of classes or not. Probably not. On friday maybe! HAHAHA I got super inspired to study tonight because of this certain someone who's celebrating his birthday today, who i've been crushing on since last year :):) hahaha  *inserts wide wide smile here*
i've got wounded knee T_T right in the middle of my poor right knee. will blog about what happened once i get the pictures from Nikita :) I can still walk but it does hurt. I hope it wont leave any scars and it would look like nothing happened (yes, be positive :p )    

Wish me luck on my exams tomorrow! Goodnight! :)