Splurge Tuesday

 Have you ever tried thrift shopping?---I DID. and it's a nice experience. What you need is patience. Cause once you try to dig in to those pile of clothes, for sure you are going to find a unique piece or maybe even a branded one. On my last thrift shopping, i was lucky enough to find good skirts. As you all know, i am quite a collector of flag designed stuffs. And this is my first flag skirt! I am actually planning on painting a denim short with something like this too!  

 And as for shoes...these are no longer thrifted though! HAHAHAH 
 This is a Pink floral printed flats:) 
 Bought this as "Buy 2 for 300php" on the recent Shoe In Love Bazaar that i went to with 2 of my friends :) Nikita and I bought this! A black version of this for her. 
 This pair was also from the Shoe in Love Bazaar. It's a camel colored Topsider(?) and it's super super comfy! Perfect for days when you have to walk walk walk hahaha  
And one of my new favorite eyeliner atm. I am not sure if you can purchase this on MAC counters though. I spotted this on this one shop and bought it for a cheaper price! I checked the product---turns out there were some mistakes on it's packaging. maybe that's why... But this works really well. It glides on your lids easily. Perfect for rush on-the-go makeup :) Also, I went to trinoma last week because of the Buy One get one free promo of TOPSHOP! Shopped some cute pieces from the store thus, i gotta start saving some money again. The urge to buy something even if i don't really need it---my weakness. Ohwell hahaha. MUST SAVE! wish me luck hehee 

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