Beloved Doggies

What  makes me happy?
I'm a dog-lover by heart. We recently had this puppy and her name's queenie. She's a shitzu breed puppy. Whenever i get home every weekend i would always play with her, brush her hair and just have fun with her. It's sad i can only see her during weekends :(

 We had her hair trimmed and it's funny because she looks like a pug right now hahaha She's been eating a lot too so she's getting more huggable---in short FAT hahaha she's a fat cutie patootie dog hahaha She's on my lap right now and i can't stop myself from pinching her hihi :)


 Every month we celebrate G6's monthsary! and this time we went to greenbelt to eat at yakimix! All of us skipped breakfast for this HAHAHA. We arrived there pass 10am already so just imagine the hungerrrrrr lol BUT It was worth it. After that, we split-up because Kiara and Bea had dates after. So Hazel, Athena, Princess and I opted to go shopping  at Greenhills instead. it was also my chance to try Happy lemon!!! I've been wanting to try that for months now and i finally did--and i loved it! <3
this is what i wore that day. I'm just wearing a plain black top from H&M, A thrifted flag short from Tommy hilfiger, a cross necklace from Forever21 and ribbon nude flats. Just something comfy for a fun-filled day with my girls. :)


Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

Last Sunday, i went to SM North Edsa The Block to watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. And damn, J.K Rowling was amazing! i NEVER NEVER expected that twist in the story!!  I just can't believe it is the end already!! :(  I've always been a fan of Harry Potter so the thought of it ending is making me sad. I am going to miss waiting every year, for the next part of the movie. 

To J.K. Rowling, thank you for giving me a magical childhood. :) Harry Potter will forever be in my heart.


I'm Shoe in Love

Last Saturday, Nikita, Jesrhel and I went to this bazaar called I'm Shoe in Love which was held at NBC tent.It was raining that day. I went to Taft around 4pm to pick up Jesrhel. We then went somewhere in airport road to meet up with Nikita. She was with her mom. Tita was on her way to Resort's World so we dropped her off there before going to NBC tent. We arrived past 5pm i think. 

The place was jampacked with shoessssss and some clothes too. We went around and bought a couple of goodies. 

After the bazaar we went around Bonifacio High Street and Serendra and Market Market. Je was feeling a little bit sick so i bought her meds and stuff. hahaha It was fun shopping with them. How i wish we had more money hahaha there were tons of shoes there pleading us to buy them hahaha =)) 
It was nice catching up with good friends. So much stories from everyone while on the road. 
One tiring but fun night! Love you girls! <3

Lost and Found

I am so sorry for being m.i.a. :( OKAY LONG STORY SHORT - COLLEGE STUFF IS EATING MY SOCIAL LIFE. BUT Monthly Exams are finally over so i think i am back to blogging again. I will be doing a back to back to back blog posts of what's been happening for the past weeks that I've been gone.  Those weeks have been pretty much about school. Oh and i had recently opened an online shop with a good friend and it's called VINTAGE STUDIO. We'd sold the first collection already and it's nice to see that people liked it! :D *fingers crossed* hopefully despite our busy schedules, we'd still be able to manage the shop hehee. 

Visit vintage studio right here. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Studio/189260157795936

P.S. Oh and i think I've been shot by Cupid once again. muahahaha. =))



Oh hello JULY :) Thank God it's friday!! It's been really stressful. But despite so much work load, i still managed to have fun with friends, which is a good thing. 
Been trying to save up some money. "trying" being the operative word there. hahaha Going to this bazaar with Jesrhel and i better have some money, so we'll both be happy shoppers at the end of the day. hahaha =)) So much things to study :O I am in NEED of some sleep. I am seriously in the never-ending study mode for the past couple of weeks :| i swear i can't afford any distractions! so as for the love part? , i think i am gonna put that aside for a while. gotta focus on my studies. lol Exams starts 11th of this month! Wish me luck! 

Okay, going to bed now! gotta catch some sleep! goodnight! xoxo