Oh hello JULY :) Thank God it's friday!! It's been really stressful. But despite so much work load, i still managed to have fun with friends, which is a good thing. 
Been trying to save up some money. "trying" being the operative word there. hahaha Going to this bazaar with Jesrhel and i better have some money, so we'll both be happy shoppers at the end of the day. hahaha =)) So much things to study :O I am in NEED of some sleep. I am seriously in the never-ending study mode for the past couple of weeks :| i swear i can't afford any distractions! so as for the love part? , i think i am gonna put that aside for a while. gotta focus on my studies. lol Exams starts 11th of this month! Wish me luck! 

Okay, going to bed now! gotta catch some sleep! goodnight! xoxo

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