Lost and Found

I am so sorry for being m.i.a. :( OKAY LONG STORY SHORT - COLLEGE STUFF IS EATING MY SOCIAL LIFE. BUT Monthly Exams are finally over so i think i am back to blogging again. I will be doing a back to back to back blog posts of what's been happening for the past weeks that I've been gone.  Those weeks have been pretty much about school. Oh and i had recently opened an online shop with a good friend and it's called VINTAGE STUDIO. We'd sold the first collection already and it's nice to see that people liked it! :D *fingers crossed* hopefully despite our busy schedules, we'd still be able to manage the shop hehee. 

Visit vintage studio right here. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Studio/189260157795936

P.S. Oh and i think I've been shot by Cupid once again. muahahaha. =))

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