New Cover!

finally new cover after months! my guitar is finally fixed and i am so happy :) i am a little bit sick right now but everything is good. 


It was friday and we don't have classes so i went home to Bulacan earlier than expected. Gotta love long weekends :) I missed the "lazy life" that i had few weeks ago when we were still having the so-called "SEMBREAK". Anyway, we went to the mall to watch Breaking Dawn, i've read the book before so i wanted to watch it. I think people try to act "pa-cool" whenever they say they hate the movie. "Hating Breaking Dawn won't make you any cooler, you know you bought the series before..." 

We decided to watch the last full show to avoid lining up in the crowd. Hassle free :p I don't get why people say they didn't like the movie, but in my opinion they did an awesome job in the way Bella looked malnourished. haha  

Here's what i wore last night ! :) I am wearing a denim jacket by PILL and a babydoll dress by CouCou. Hype this look on Lookbook.nu ! 


DIY Hair Coloring ft. Etude House Bubble

 So me and my roomates decided to try the Etude House Bubble hair product! Theresa and I picked the color "Natural Brown" and Hanna picked Sweet Orange. I had my hair colored prior to this one but i wanted a lighter color and my roots are starting to grow so i thought it would be a good idea to try :) 

 And mind you, It is very affordable! If you're interested how to use it then keep reading! :p :p  
 Upon opening the box, you would be seeing the following:
1. Pump container
2. Instruction manual 
3. Gloves and plastic cape (the one inside the zip lock thing! haha) 
4. Bubble Hair Color Sachet
5. Silky Perfumed Treatment

 So this was my hair before the procedure was done! 
Step 1: Wear all the essential protection. The plastic cape and the gloves :) 

Step 2: Dispense the product from the hair color sachet into the pump bottle. You'll notice the bottle contains about 1/4 of a mystery liquid inside but i'm guessing that it is not water. WARNING : DO NOT SHAKE!

Step 3: Tilt the bottle from side to side until the product is fully mixed. 

Step 4: Pump the bottle 2-3 times and a foamy/bubble/mousse like thing comes out. 

Step 5: Apply it evenly on your hair. I suggest you do it section by section for even application. It's pretty much just like shampooing :) 

Step 6: Leave it for about 30 minutes 
Step 7: Wash it off with water and apply the silky perfumed treatment (just like applying your normal conditioner!) It smells amazing and it makes your hair really really smooth. It smells so good i'd seriously buy a full sized bottle of this one if ever there is something like that really hahaha :p  

Step 7: After washing dry your hair and look for the nearest mirror to see the results!! :) 


I loved the final outcome to bits! It even made my hair look alot healthier *.*

I highly recommend this product to everyone! 
     You'd love this product because it is VERY AFFORDABLE and easy to use :) 

Will i buy this again? I'D SAY YES! ;)

if you have any questions or whatsoever, feel free to leave a comment down below! :)))
have a good day!   



 i am in my bedroom right now waiting for 11:11 this 11.11.11. And I still haven't figured what my wish would be but anyway, Happy 11.11.11 !!! get your wishes ready! 


Cemetery Bound

So here's what i wore to the cemetery last tuesday. I opted for something comfy so i picked out this sheer top from H&M, i have some black tank top from Mango underneath (though you cannot really see it here :P ) and i paired it with some denim shorts and flats. 
Hype this look here

  Yes, Queenie (the dog) came with us today :) 

Look how spoiled she is! hahaha she has her own umbrella cause it was really hot out. 
My mom's father was buried here in Bacolor Pampanga and as you can see, those are real house roofs. incase you're not familiar with what happened here during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption years ago.

China 2011

 After Hongkong, we decided to visit China. We stayed there for a day and it was really hard because only 10% of the citizens can understand English. And i CANNOT speak chinese. And i hated the Chinese immigration because to get to the immigration you have to walk really far with all your luggage and everything and they are very strict. But nonetheless we enjoyed our stay. We visited Window of the World that day and my camera's battery died after that.

 Window of the World, from the name itself is a place you can visit to tour the whole world in a day. 
The place was truly amazing! It's a must visit! The Chinese really did a great job on this place. It looked so f*cking real all you end up saying is WOW *_____________* let the pictures do the talking. Guess which part of the world these are from!! 

 After that, we went back to the Hotel and we ate at Zhong Fa Yuan Restaurant (because it was suggested by the tourist guide!) and the food was great. Their curry is probably my favorite of all! After that we visited Dong Men Market i forgot what the chinese name was hahaha but it was kind of a shopping street / mall on streets HAHAH whatever. Though the thing is, it kinda feels safer walking around Hongkong compared here. Idk really, but in Hongkong you can walk carefree even at midnight. China is a lot like Philippines to me HAHAHA well that's my personal opinion :p
(Disclaimer: i do not own this photo. taken randomly on google )
The following day, we had a little bit of adventure with the other filipino families that we met during the trip. WELL We lost our way. hahaha no one knew how to speak mandarin and the street names were written in chinese as well. OH BOY. thankfully after about an hour walking around trying to find our way we met this young girl who somehow understands english and she helped us out! SO thank you whoever! :)
 We were back at Hongkong airport around 5pm and yes my camera is back on. hahaha And for those of you who don't know. China has no airport so there are no direct flights straight to and from China. well that's what the tour guide said. Our flight back to manila was still 9:45pm. No problem since Hongkong airport is huge, you'll never get bored. There is a shopping area inside the airport which was really cool! There was Zara, M.A.C., Giordano, Lacoste, Levis, Gucci and so much more inside! Like seriously, How cool is that!!

 An hour before the flight we decided to just rest on the couch while waiting for the plane. We ordered some coffee from starbucks and i swear their Mcdonalds coffee is as expensive as the Starbucks. Maybe that's the reason why most of my international classmates order starbucks almost every single day :O Nah. I'm just kidding, but maybe hahaha

and that was it! Goodbye Hongkong!!!! :)