DIY Hair Coloring ft. Etude House Bubble

 So me and my roomates decided to try the Etude House Bubble hair product! Theresa and I picked the color "Natural Brown" and Hanna picked Sweet Orange. I had my hair colored prior to this one but i wanted a lighter color and my roots are starting to grow so i thought it would be a good idea to try :) 

 And mind you, It is very affordable! If you're interested how to use it then keep reading! :p :p  
 Upon opening the box, you would be seeing the following:
1. Pump container
2. Instruction manual 
3. Gloves and plastic cape (the one inside the zip lock thing! haha) 
4. Bubble Hair Color Sachet
5. Silky Perfumed Treatment

 So this was my hair before the procedure was done! 
Step 1: Wear all the essential protection. The plastic cape and the gloves :) 

Step 2: Dispense the product from the hair color sachet into the pump bottle. You'll notice the bottle contains about 1/4 of a mystery liquid inside but i'm guessing that it is not water. WARNING : DO NOT SHAKE!

Step 3: Tilt the bottle from side to side until the product is fully mixed. 

Step 4: Pump the bottle 2-3 times and a foamy/bubble/mousse like thing comes out. 

Step 5: Apply it evenly on your hair. I suggest you do it section by section for even application. It's pretty much just like shampooing :) 

Step 6: Leave it for about 30 minutes 
Step 7: Wash it off with water and apply the silky perfumed treatment (just like applying your normal conditioner!) It smells amazing and it makes your hair really really smooth. It smells so good i'd seriously buy a full sized bottle of this one if ever there is something like that really hahaha :p  

Step 7: After washing dry your hair and look for the nearest mirror to see the results!! :) 


I loved the final outcome to bits! It even made my hair look alot healthier *.*

I highly recommend this product to everyone! 
     You'd love this product because it is VERY AFFORDABLE and easy to use :) 

Will i buy this again? I'D SAY YES! ;)

if you have any questions or whatsoever, feel free to leave a comment down below! :)))
have a good day!   


  1. Will you pretty please post picture using the Sweet Orange? :)


  2. Was your hair jet black when you applied the dye? I've had my hair colored before, but my hair just looked tinted because I didn't and don't want to use bleach. I hope you can respond!

  3. Hi Arie, the roots were black but most of the hair was dark brown prior to applying the dye :)

  4. Did you apply this on dry or wet hair?