Benefit this Holiday Season!

I am a sucker for cute packaging. A huge one. However, there are only a few products whose quality can measure up to what’s outside. Benefit Cosmetics is definitely one of them. 

Too bad it wasn't available in the philippines...YET :P So here's what i heard, and i quote the Editor-in-Chief of BLUSH magazine. I just read her post today announcing when and where Benefit Cosmetics willl be coming to the Philippines. "Benefit will finally open come December 14 in Greenbelt 5 (somewhere near Shiseido)" YAY! i just hope their prices will be close to the US original price.    

I actually have some target Benefit products on the Wish List and i'd list them down below. 
I'm planning on saving up so i could  get my hands on it before Christmas! 

1. Benefit Feelin' Cheeky Set
This set comes with 3 mini versions of the famous cheek tints from Benefit. I wanted to try it out first before deciding whether to buy the full sized ones so i think this would be a great deal since i could try 3 of their bestsellers at once. I've checked Sephora and it was only 15$. GOOD DEAL right? I'm guessing it would be 20$ish here in the Philippines HOPE NOT:|

2. Benefit You Rebel Lite

I saw this from a lot of youtube guru and i did a little research about the product. It is a tinted moisturizer and it's perfect for that Natural Look. And it is a giant tube so i think i could use this everyday for the whole semester HAHAHA It was priced at 30$ in Sephora. It's expensive but i think it is a good investment :) 

So those are the only products on my wishlist from the Brand. Check out their website http://www.benefitcosmetics.com or check out Sephora and find yourself amazed on how cute their products are!  

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