It was friday and we don't have classes so i went home to Bulacan earlier than expected. Gotta love long weekends :) I missed the "lazy life" that i had few weeks ago when we were still having the so-called "SEMBREAK". Anyway, we went to the mall to watch Breaking Dawn, i've read the book before so i wanted to watch it. I think people try to act "pa-cool" whenever they say they hate the movie. "Hating Breaking Dawn won't make you any cooler, you know you bought the series before..." 

We decided to watch the last full show to avoid lining up in the crowd. Hassle free :p I don't get why people say they didn't like the movie, but in my opinion they did an awesome job in the way Bella looked malnourished. haha  

Here's what i wore last night ! :) I am wearing a denim jacket by PILL and a babydoll dress by CouCou. Hype this look on Lookbook.nu ! 

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