Bottoms Up!

How was your Long Weekend ? :D Mine was ALL GOOD :) 
make sure you have your speakers/earphones on before scrolling down! it's worth it i promise :)  

Last weekend, i met up with Paulynn, Jam, Nicole, Moj, Malone, Mark and Dexter. It has been 4 years since the last time i've seen Malone and Moj so it was really nice catching up with them. It's sad they came back to London today. They stayed for about a month here in the philippines but i have been so busy, so I've only seen them last weekend. The last time i've seen them, Moja was just a little kid and now she's all grown up. Gotta love their british accent now! lol I was enjoying listening to it so i kept talking to Malone in english hahaha. 

Actually, Paulynn has been my bestfriend since we were young and we grew up together, and the funny thing is i haven't seen her for about a year now and yet she lives nextdoor! hahaha School has eaten up all my free time seriously. SO those nights were basically like a mini REUNION. i made sure i made the most out of the long weekend. It was one hell of a night.--- ohh two nights actually :D 

Will miss you guys! Hangout again soon! 
Have a safe flight Malone and Moja! See you again in 2 years!!! :) 

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