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Oh hello there :) As you can see I am procrastinating at the moment. HAHAHA Vintage Studio officially launched its Clothing Store last week! It has been planned for so long now. Finally we had the chance to do the shoot. It's nice to see that people liked it. We've sold a couple of pieces already and i'm really happy about it :) Earning extra money on my own feels good. 

This is probably my favorite piece in the collection. I like the summery vibe that it brings. HAHAHA I actually met up with a client a while ago and she bought this piece along with another goodie. Since Vintage Studio is just starting, i wanted to make an impression, and i wasn't feeling lazy that time so i bought a canvas paper bag and doodled the logo on it ! :) I had around 5-10 minutes to do it since i just got out from my 4pm class and i'm meeting the client 4:30 something. hahaha Hence, some mistakes on her shoulder :p

Some friends actually asked me why i did not model the clothes for the Shop. Trust me, i am more comfortable behind the camera than being the one in front of it ;) I hope you guys can find the time to visit our shop! here's the link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Studio/189260157795936 :))) Have a great day! 

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