the grass is always greener on the other side

i can't believe this day is over. Last night, or should i saw this morning around 4:30am-ish i was still studying for today's test. I don't understand what's the rush. Why can't they let us take the exam next year? Ohwell, going back..I came to class on time and i was feeling sleepy my eyes were like this -.- fine that was an exaggeration hahaha but i was sleepy. So the first test was given and everyone was O.O *plays owl's sounds  here* The test was freaking fcking crazy!!!! we studied 5 chapters and there were only 15 questions :|  I did my best, *fingers crossed* i hope i did enough hahaha i was about to feel depressed until someone went inside our room, i peeked and boom. **n*e, came in!!!!! i was so happy i was smiling like a kid. :D I kept seeing him today and so all the bad vibes dissapeared in a bliss.
And guess what? Classes dismissed 5 hours earlier than expected!!!! Aaaaahhhh can this day get any better? :D So excited for christmas break! Last day tomorrow! lezzdothisssss !

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