Doodle Doodle

So i opened Saab Magalona's blog and i saw her last post. It was planner giveaway! Perfect timing because i was looking for a good planner. I scrolled down the pictures and i immediately fell in love with it :) It suits my personality very much (((: 
So i checked the mechanics and run to find the most decent paper i could find! HAHAHA 
and i found this!!! So i did a some thinking on what to draaaaaw :| First thing that comes to my mind when i hear "Saab Magalona" would be Dr. Martens HAHA idk why maybe because she loves wearing them. So i started with that and everything just fell into place as i was making the doodle. 
 I was gonna stop at this point. well right after adding the face details hahaha but it felt like there was something missing... so i added a few more things that reminds me of her and VOILA!! here's my finished doodle entry! Soooooo...what do you think? 

I hope she'll like it!! Wish me luck! Off to bed now goodnight!

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