Day Off = Night Out with Friends!

Yesterday was my day off from hospital duty :)  i was at my room, i woke up around 2pm. I was bored and i wanted to go out. I was so ready to go to mall by myself...forever alone :( CHOS * missing my bestfriend Biboy who's currently out of the city :( * but then i'll get lazy and decide not to go anymore. i'm weird like that hahaha So i texted some friends wondering who's off that day too aside from me and kenneth. Turns out Jane too! I was craving for Army Navy  so i asked them if they wanna go food-trippin! muahaha THEY SAID YES! *evil laugh* So i texted more people hahaha the more the merrier hahaha :))
Jules picked me up and we were at Tomas Morato around 8 something. hahaha minutes after, the others arrived!

It was so much fun catching up with them! Sobrang daming kwento! HAHAHA mostly about internship! We shared our experiences as medtech interns---the fun part is, since we're from different hospitals, every story is different HAHAHA i guess the most memorable 1st week of internship award goes to the V. Luna interns! hahaha After Army Navy, we went to GongCha and stayed at Il Terrazo till around 1am lol

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