New Closet Babies!!

I went shopping last weekend and it was exciting because i haven't really shopped in a while. And I was with my parents so you know. HAHAHA if you get what i mean hahaha *wink* It was my first time shopping at the newly opened Forever 21 branch at SM North Edsa..so i guess i went a little crazy shopping. It is by far the nearest branch to my place :")

So here's a little haul for you guys :)
I got this striped denim shorts and i think it super cute! It did not came with the belt hahaha But I think they match so i put them together hehee 
 Next item's...DENIM TOPS! I've been into the denim trend for a while now and i have similar tops like this already...BUT what differs is that these are "LIGHT DENIM". Basically, they're not really denim. *inserts confused face here* hahaha The material's lighter, softer than a real denim. 
So it's much more comfortable to wear these types in the summertime! :)
I also got this Coral colored shorts and the shade is so bright, just looking at it makes me happy :) 
and ofcourse, i wouldn't miss the boho section of Forever 21! I've been liking the Aztec/Tribal Trend... loving it actually hahaha. So i got this Aztec-printed Shirt and Dress!  
My favorite purchases i guess hahaha.
 As for accessories, i got this necklace with a deep blue feather detailing. I think it's super pretty! I can already visualize myself wearing this so many times hahaha
 The rest of the stuff i got was... this Crochet-espadrille from Manjaru which btw is super comfortable, i go on my hospital duty wearing this! :)
 and lastly, this aztec poncho from People are People! And i swear this photo is not giving this top justice!!! HAHAHA 
So excited to wear these for the rest of the SUMMER!!! :) :) :)

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  1. Wow! We never thought that we can be line up with Forever 21. We really appreciate that you bought our Espadrille Crochet Shoes. Thank you so much! Spreading the Love! ♥ -Manjaru Sandals