Nitrogenized Ice Cream

Our last stop for the day was the I-Creamist!
It's located near University of the Philippines, just walking distance from Chill Out Cafe! :) 

 What makes it different from other ice cream shops is that--- they make the icecream from scratch. It's gonna take some time to get your orders but it's totally worth it!!!! :)

That smokey thing he's adding is LIQUID NITROGEN!!! HAHAHA i guess that's their secret ingredient lol. how cool is that hahaha =))) My cousin said it makes the mixture more frosty/icecreamy. I don't know really--i don't talk culinary HAHAHA but i think it's so cool! :)))

 My order is up!!! He's just adding the final touch of the liquid nitrogen and...
 TADA!!! my freshly made Nitrogenized Pistachio Ice Cream :)  HAHAHAHAHAHA it's totally safe to eat this don't worry!
Our next order was served! Like i said, they made your orders from scratch so usually they can only serve one order at a time hehee. These are FRENCH MACAROONS! and those cups are not drinks btw! What you do is you dip the macaroons on these cups containing ofcourse----LIQUID NITROGEN! :) I took a video when we dipped this...we'll see if i can upload that haha

Don't forget to try their smores with toasted marshmallows too! :) 

I think I-creamist is such a unique icecream saloon! visit their branch now. It's definitely worth a try :)
Do you like "me" doing food blog post? If you do, then let me know so i can make more of these type of post! :) Till next time!

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