Etude House Haul

My friend Jesrhel told me about the Etude House Sale and Last Tuesday, was actually the last day of sale. My classes ends at 7pm every tuesday so i had second thoughts on going.  The nearest etude house branch to my place was the one in SM Manila. We got dismissed few minutes before seven, it was dark outside already But! i went anyway. hahaha It was my first time commuting alone at night. I rode the jeepney with Bea but she went down few blocks away. I had to walk alone in the creepy underground tunnel to go to the mall. HAHAHA I did not walk actually, it was more of a walking so fast that it looks like running lol =))  
Got there around 7:20 already and i promised myself i have to be home before 8pm! So i went straight to etude, checked the products, bought what i liked, bought something for a friend and go! hahaha I was suppose to ride a jeepney again but i chose taxi instead. Less creepy hahaha but still creepy.
 Thank God i got home safe! :) :) :)

Did not bought a lot cause i was on a rush, but i'm happy cause i got what i needed :)
1. Happy Tea Time Cleansing foam in Aloe Vera (which i totally love using btw! )
2. Proof 10: Lip and Cheek Tint ( It's Waterproof! :3 )
3. Matte Nailpolish in a coral-ish color :)
4. Eyebrow pencil ( i thought i got the wrong color cause it appeared too light in the box but it works perfectly actually!) 
5. A honey facial mask for Theresa
6. and a powder puff with a case, that reminds me so much of agar plates from Microbiology Lab a while ago hahaha! 
I got that box with Sandara's face for free. It's filled with cotton essentials. I was interested to buy their corset blushers but then the colors i liked were out of stock already :| Also i saw this thing called Pore Eraser or something haha but then, no more stocks left for meeee :| might get it next time i drop by their store instead:)  

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