Haircut time!

I am back in Manila. Rain hasn't stopped so i'm hoping there will be no classes tomorrow! hahaha We visited Tita in the Hospital a while ago and i'm happy that she's recovering now after her operation :) We also watched Green lantern at the block and it was such an awesome film. Damn Boy, Ryan Reynolds is hot HAHA i liked him at "The Proposal", and now i like him even more lol I also got a haircut. So the photo above is the last moments of my previous 4 years look. It's a lot shorter now, but still far from being considered a bob. I got full bangs again which is making me quite uncomfortable since i got used to the side swept for 4 years. Much easier to manage kase :( But then, let's hope i'd love this look as much as i did to the last one. Oh and my new stylist's name is Grace. i think i still prefer Yuki and Eddie but i have no choice since both of my stylist are now back in Korea. Will try to take a decent picture tomorrow so you can see!

Here's a photo! :) It's blurred i know. i was on a rush and it was just taken by my phone haha! 

 I'm studying right now, because i have to admit i'm still not ready to take the test tomorrow hahaha So shettt *fingers crossed* suspension of classes tomorrow pleaseeeee!!!

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