It's a Saturday Night! I'm enjoying the long weekend so far. I missed being bored so i'm becoming my lazy self again. :/ I have tons of books to study and i've only read around 2 pages upto now i think! I promise i'll read some more pages before i go to bed! It's father's day tomorrow and i want to thank my Dad for being the best dad EVER. He's always there for me and for some reason i am Daddy's only girl so i'm a bit spoiled---but not a brat definitely! (sometimes maybe! hahaha!) =)) I love you Daddy! 

Anyway, So this is what i wore today. Check out my lookbook page for details :):) 

Also!! I will be getting a haircut tomorrow or this Monday! I have no idea what style :O this always happens to me every year. there is this day where i just wanna cut my hair and i won't stop till i get it done. For the past years, thank god i liked the results hahaha I'm still thinking and imagining what to get at the moment hahaha! or maybe i could just let the stylist cut it and do whatever she wants with it hahaha :|  HAIRSTYLE PLEASE DROP BY MY DREAMS IN A BIT  :) 

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