Catch Up Tuesday

Last Tuesday after class i met up with PJ and we went to Gateway cause we got so much catching up to do! We were waiting for the guys since we're heading to HighStreet to grab dinner! It was very sweet of them to go on this spontaneous trip even if they have 7am duty the next day just because i was free that night! I've been M.I.A. for the last couple of weeks and i guess THEY MISS ME. hahahahahahhahahahaha  
Kidding aside, this is me and my friend Princess a.k.a. PJ being our vainselves. I decided to wear a white slouchy top from Forever21 over a customized Aztec printed shorts that i got from Bubbles during the Supersale Bazaar. totally random but I really do feel taller whenever i have these on. HAHAHA
We dropped by Sonja's Cupcakes at Serendra and i feel bad i did not buy the strawberry cheesecake/cupcake that i saw at the counter that night. It looked super yummy but i wasn't craving for cupcakes that time sooo... BUT next time i swear i'll definitely try it! 
We had dinner at Brother's Burger not because we wanted burgers but because it was the only store serving food that was left open when we arrived HighStreet. lol

Kenneth was playing around with my camera and i think these are AMAZING SHOTS <3 
*hands down*  
 It was nice catching up with you guys!!!! One thing's for sure---I MISS YOU GUYS :(

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