If you're wondering what i've been up to this month of MAY...well minus the beach and summer parties i was mostly stucked in the hospital. Internship has started the very first day of MAY 2012.  I was assigned at De Los Santos STI Medical Center. Pretty close to where i live so it's all good.
Do we look professional enough? HAHAHA this is "us" posing ala Grey's Anatomy cast. lollll
What's fun about internship is you get to meet new people! NEW FRIENDS! :D I'm lucky they're as crazy as I am :))))
I'm going to be the best intern ever! *flips hair* CHOSSS

It's not always about the serious medical stuff though. We do Foodtrip too!!! HAHAHA

 so far, my internship experience has been fun and exciting! I don't feel stressed at all. or maybe not yet. hahaha =)))) Even the medtech staffs makes us feel like we're just a big barkada hanging out and having fun. 

Tomorrow marks the start of classes for most students in my school. Mine starts this Tuesday and i'm excited to see my previous blockmates again, and ofcourse meet my new classmates as well! Hope you all had a great summer vacation! School's officially back----GOODLUCK! :)

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