Touchdown Ilocos Day 2!

Our second day in Ilocos started early! We were ready to go around 7am! The Place was a bit far so i was asleep (well almost everyone was) on our way. Our first stop was the Kapurpurawan Beach which probably became my favorite of all the places we visited during the trip.

 The wind was so strong it was impossible to take pictures with decent looking hair hahaha but it was fun! it was definitely sunny but it wasn't hot at all. Kinda like a perfect summer weather. 

HAHAHA look at our hands trying to get our hairs away from our faces hahaha

We were taking pictures on my phone lol caught in action hahahaha

He was hesitant to wear my shades cause he said he doesn't look good on it. Well I beg to disagree :))

 Getting to the top of the rocks is NOT EASY. especially for someone as clumsy as me. hahaha and now that you're on top, getting back down is another story HAHAHA 
thank God my guy friends have always been so supportive.

funny thing is, i may have been safe from the cliffs but my foot went straight into this one hole while Kenneth and I was walking towards the shore that i almost fell HAHAHA
the moment was too funny we couldn't stop from laughing HAHAHAH 


Oh look we're complete!
 After an hour there we went straight to the Windmills which was few minutes drive from there. It wasn't my first time seeing this cause i have been to Ilocos few years ago but it was my first time getting this close to the windmills!!!

 The beach sand was too inviting i couldn't resist to take off my shoes to feel it :p
Our last stop was PAGUDPUD! The Boracay of the North :) If you're planning on going here i highly recommend Hannah's Beach Resort. The place is really accomodating but expect that it's a little bit more expensive than the other resorts beside it.

 model-modelan ang peg namin e :))) LOL 
these are stolen shots i swear 
HAHAHA choss
Hi ALEX! *wave*

OOH yamsie WHAT IS THATTTTTT? :O hahahahaha lmao

We got hungry after that so we dropped by the nearest robinsons (which wasn't near to be honest! hahaha) to eat food and buy some groceries. We had dinner at Alyssa's relatives and they prepared good food for us! :) Thanks Barangay people ^^ and the place was a bar so we couldn't resist the billiard tables! I never played billiards before, i only played "POOL". the game wherein instead of the balls, flat metal stuffs were used. anyway... so Kenneth taught me how to play billiards and Kim and I played one game muahahaha It was fun! I feel like i want my own billiard table at home hahaha
after that we headed back to the resort to swim and rest! My camera was dying at that moment so i can only show this photo which i grabbed from a friend's camera :| HAHAHA we had the pool to ourselves and we were swimming till midnight i think? :O hahaha fun night huh?

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