Satchel Overload

Apparently, The satchel bags became a fashion accessory and was popular during the 17th century. 
      And at present it has become a trend! It's so cool how everything years ago are starting to come back again :D Now i wonder what's next :>:> 

And Last week, this bag was sent to me by a friend, who happens to be the co owner of SERIAL APPAREL. The shop offers a wide range of satchel choices at a very affordable price! Whether you're going for the classic colorful satchels, or maybe going for the metallic ones, or feeling coachella? go for florals! or maybe the wild leopard prints, for whatever it is, You definitely should check out Serial Apparel! Tell them you found out about the shop from here and maybe you can even score some discounts!! 

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Happy Shopping!!!

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