Time Machine

So apparently my school was built during the Spanish era and since we are celebrating the quadricentennial year, they have this event next week wherein everyone is suppose to wear clothes worn during that time. I thought it would be really cool if it will be a huge success. I heard even the guards and the professors are suppose to dress up too!!! But problem is,  i haven't thought of what to wear yet...and i have no idea where to get something like it. #whattodo :| 
so if you guys have any idea where or what i can wear then please let me knowwww! 

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  1. What were they wearing at that time? :) I'm sure you'll find something super-duper ;)
    Joanna from www.violinstyle.blogspot.com

    PS. Check out my new outfit with Picasso thighs in Black Milk style ;)
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