Roadtrip to Pampanga

Few weeks ago, me and my friends went on a roadtrip to Pampanga! It was the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival and we wanted to go and watch it! Special thanks to Kenneth for having his house open for all of us! We arrived in Clark around 5:30am and there were so many people already :O Thank God there were still tickets available!!!

 It was still really early, feeling a little sleepy because we stayed up all night playing "pusoy dos" HAHAHA but we were really excited so never mind those sleepy eyes.
 There were so many booths at the event. Food and souvenirs! We spotted this booth selling kites and so we bought a few!
 Around 6am the balloons were ready! ... *excitement x10!*

 They started the day with the Flag of the Philippines on a parachute!! What a beautiful scenario! :) While waiting for the hot air balloons we went on and played with our kites!! 
 That's our "UST growling tigers" inspired kites! hihihi
 after some time...FINALLY THE BALLOONS ARE STARTING TO RISE ONE BY ONE!!! i guess i'll just let the photos do the talking now~! :) :) :) :) 

 My favorite hot air balloon EVER.

Such a fun experience!!!! it was my first time and it was totally worth it! :) Next roadtrip soon? YES? ;)

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