One of the Boys

Afternoon classes last Wednesday was cancelled and so wanted to take a break from all the school stress and just have fun! First stop...Bowling at Midtown!! 

It was only my second time playing the game and thank god i still know how to play it HAHAHA 
i was the only girl so beating their scores would be AWESOME! HAHAHA

Next stop...Army Navy! Kenneth and I were craving for army navy and so we had our "pilit powers" ON. hahahahaha and it worked! We looked around Midtown but it was nowhere to be found. So we decided to go to taft for Army Navy!

My favorite iced tea EVER----Libertea. my first impression about it was that it looks like beer! hahaha but there's something about it that makes it really special. It's not your usual iced-tea for sure.

Our stay in taft went really crazy :O There was this girl who kept asking me for coins. I would have given her something if only she wasn't that creepy. She kept following us everywhere, even pretending to cry and all that :| My friends were already blocking her away from me and yet she still hasn't given up! Even the guard at DLSU asked her to go away and yet :|| She even screamed "kapag ikaw nakita ko ulit dito, hihilahin ko buhok mo!!!" HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA epic.

Anywayyyyy...we decided to go somewhere else now.
Our next stop---Bonifacio High Street!! 
this is probably one of my most favorite places  to visit in the city. My first time here was during Bea's birthday and i just really like it here. How i wish it was  just few blocks away from my place. 

Probably the biggest fully booked that i have been to. hehee 

We then went to Sonja's to have some cupcakes! 

Look at my mini birthday cake!! :)

i am a kid by heart so little things like this makes me happy :) 

I really did thought Kenneth was kidding about the candle HAHAHA my birthday is still in a few weeks but AWWWWWW it's so cute!!!!! this made my heart really happy :3 thanks guyssssss ! 

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