Crazy Dreams

Just something i thought i wanted to share. Lately i have been having some really weird dreams. Quite scary actually. Have you ever experienced the feeling of not being able to move yourself...like someone's controlling you or something? i don't really know how to explain it. And this didn't happen once, i've had dreams like this before-- and there were quite similar. And i always find myself praying in my dreams whenever it happens. And it is creeping me out. I don't wanna think of it as something demonic or whatever, because that would scare the hell out of me and apparently, it's not gonna be of any help hahaha :))) 
I did a little research on google and it mentioned something about Sleep Paralysis :| THE TERM SOUNDED SCARY TOO but atleast that sounded better than an evil trying to steal my soul or something hahahaha i really wish i'd stop having dreams like this. i wishhhhhh :(

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