Touchdown Ilocos Day 1

we left Manila Sunday night and arrived Ilocos Sur around 8 in the morning the next day. Longgggg ride i know.  But it was all worth it ;) We dropped by Kim's place first and her Dad cooked Breakfast for us! I forgot what the cuisines were called...but they were delicacies from Ilocos :D

 After resting, we went straight to tour! first stop, Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center. It is where President Marcos' wax figure lies. Idk why it was closed that day, but for some reason it was so we weren't able to get in yet. good thing we managed to go back there few minutes before we left Ilocos on Day 3! hihihi
 We then visited Paoay Church which i find really beautiful!  It's ancient but how the church was built, the structural design is undeniably amazing. It's not too grand but there's something about it that once you look at it in person---truly mesmerizing.

 We then head on to laoag city and visited other churches. We even said it feels like we're doing Bisita Iglesia in advance HAHAHAHA and for sure we had one prayer---INTERNSHIP!


By Sunset, we were already on our way to Fort Ilocandia! It's a 5 star resort in Ilocos, and going there proved why it is labeled as such. the place is very calm. It makes you wanna relax and just forget about everything.
 The interior is furnished with woods---which added the "vacation house vibe" in my opinion.

 HAHAHAHA my friends were playing with Light Photography and this is what they drew. I bet you're laughing if you get it ;)
And ofcourse, if you're going to Ilocos, you shall not forget to try their famous Empanada! We had that for dinner and it was so delicious!!!

Day 1 ended and i have to admit something happened that night that kind of ruined my mood... but no worries, i called a good friend, cried a bit and i felt better and we went back to the place and sleep to gain energy for tomorrow! Because Day 2's gonna be a long day and i'm really excited to tell you guys what actually happened next ;) hahaha

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