Lee-Yo Time!

Last Sunday, I met up with my friends--- Biboy, Jesrhel, Nikita and Ysh at the Mall of Asia :) We were suppose to go South but then change of plans. hahaha We watched the movie "The Vow" and i've always wanted to watch that so i was really excited to finally watch it :) It was a lot of fun! 
Our favorite part---Lee-Yo time! HAHAHAH You probably haven't watched the movie if you don't know what Leo time is hahahaha i'll keep my mouth shut on this one :) you should watch it yourself. LOL

The Girlssss
 Me and my awesome bestfriend Biboy hahaha
 Epic photo HAHAHAH =))
HAHAHA it's always fun hanging out with friends, not thinking about school and just having fun. How i wish it's like this every single day hahaha :)

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