Happy Birthday To Me!

Like i said... i celebrated my birthday studying...
 and playing with the lights! HAHAHA :)))

   when i went to class Bea, Hazel, Princess, Athena and Kiara bought me this cake! it looked so delicious i wanted to eat the cherry right away! hahaha    

 After my 7pm class i waited for my roomates and my bestfriend for dinner! I treated them at Seoulia, which was a Korean Restaurant near our place.

 Appetizers for our hungry tummies! :D
 We got so sad when they told us they can't make the sushi platter that we were craving. They said the chef was out or something. :| :| :| But hey, more fooooood! 
 I forgot what they call this, but it's basically meat and then you grill grill grill hahahaha :)

 my favorite that night! It was a little spicy but it is super yummmmmmy! :D

 Eating Time!!! :)

OH GREATTT. my name is all over the place. HAHAHA 

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