Cheers to the freakin weekend!!

Hey there! So the term has finally ended. Mixed feelings about it. Happy because finally we can just bum around watching dvds all day. A little bit nervous cause we're still not sure about our grades. I heard its gonna be released on the 14th of October, or the 19th. :| So last friday, i went to Greenhills with some friends and we watched "No other Woman" and i swear it was such a fun movie. It was suppose to be dramatic but i guess since we can't really relate to the storyline yet, it became more of comedy than drama for us. We ate at Bonchon Chicken! 
I heard a lot of good reviews to this and Yes, i'd have to agree their chicken is really good! We also bought Belgian fries before heading up to the cinema. 


Before going home we dropped by Bizu. I mean look at those macaroons. IT'S TEMPTING. :))))) who could resist those seriously. 

 Too bad i can't have this one. I asked if there really was some vodka in it. and the guy said YES. gotta stay away from this one HAHAHAH
Cheers to the fricken' weekend! Enjoy the rest of the sembreak! I am leaving for hongkong next week! will keep you guys updated! CHEERS!

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