Sembreak, are we there yet?

One last week before the term ends!!!!! *inserts a giant wide brilliant smile here* :)))) 
i can't believe it's ending so soon. We had our finals last week and it was HELL. We had two days off school because of the typhoon. But nothing to be happy about seriously. Because they placed all the exams last friday and i couldn't believe i survive. We had like 4 major exams last friday and i swear i had to sacrifice one subject because i didn't have enough time to study it. Thank Goodness it was multiple choice!! So SHOTGUN! HAHAHA i just hope my shotgun skills had improved :p 

I've been doing fishtail braids on my hair lately and i like it cause it keeps the hair away from my face. I absolutely hate it when i'm taking an exam and the hair keeps falling on my face. It's distracting hahaha and i might be "Suspected" as cheating if i'll keep on touching my hair O.O Which is something you MUST avoid seriously.

Moving on, next week is expected to be even worse than the previous week. WHY? Because it's the Comprehensive Exams week. It'll be like cover to cover exams :( WTF. i seriously must study like a geek or else i'll fail. hahaha 20% of our grades are at stake this week! 
Wish me luck, please? :)

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