Hongkong 2011: Day 1

First Stop: Ocean Park (海洋公園 Hoi Yong Kung Yuen)

 Ocean park is a lot like Enchanted Kingdom here in the Philippines mixed with a little bit of Zoobic Safari. The themepark was huge. It would probably take a whole day to go around the place. We were so hungry at that time we arrived so we looked for a place to eat. We chose to eat at the Panda Cafe, at first i thought since it is a cafe it would just be selling drinks and cakes, you know, the usual Cafe scenario. But no, they actually serve food too. Mom and I tried Hongkong's famous Pecking Duck and Dad ordered some noodles. Idk with other people, but i personally didn't like it that much. not my taste i guess. But the noodles were good! It's a must try.

 Panda Cafe's interior is so cute! The decorations were actually halloween inspired BUT the panda makes everything look cute in my eyes :))))))
 We went inside the Aquarium and i believe this is pretty much similar to Manila Ocean Park's. 

 The park was divided into two places.
 And to go to the summit, you can either ride the cable car or the express train. We chose to ride the cable car going up, and ride the train going down.

Both experience were amazingggggg! 
We then watched a show featuring the sea lions and their dolphins. I've watched these kinds of show tons of times already but it just never fails to amaze me :) 
 As you can see the show was jam-packed! There are also some rides you can try out here at ocean park. What caught my attention was this thing called THE FLASH!  and i swear i would never ride this thing unless you'll give me a million bucks if i do. Like seriously. this is 10x scarier than the usual roller-coasters.

As what i've told you earlier to get out of the summit, we took the express train going down. and no, you don't have to buy tickets anymore, cause in ocean park once you buy the tickets at the entrance, everything is ride all you can :) 

The Giant Panda adventure is a chance to visit the habitat of the Pandas here in the Ocean Park. they said this part of the Ocean Park was the most expensive of all. 
 Once you get inside, the whole place is air conditioned. And noice is prohibited. Flash photography was also prohibited. Let me tell you these pandas are SPOILED :))) If i was to become an animal, i'd love to be a panda.
 Awwwww. how cute is that!!! That's how a panda sleeps :3
 I think this is a red panda, if i'm not mistaken hahaha And yes, they live together with the other pandas.
 I actually took a video of this eating panda and it was so adorable, i watched it several times already! I'd probably upload the video once i finish all the blogging.
Right after that, we dropped by the Panda Souvenir shop and OMG it was filled with cute fluffy panda goodies. I seriously wanted to buy all of it if only it would fit in my luggage. But let me tell you the souvenirs are far from being considered cheap HAHAHA  What i decided to get was something i could use everyday. So i picked out this cutie patootie panda coin purse and i believe this was around 40-60$. But it's too cute so i got it anyway!! 

 We were already very tired at that time and it was still about an hour before the final show so we stayed at this cafe, i forgot what it's called HAHAHA but the food was great!

 Ocean Park was even more beautiful at nightime!

Goodbye Ocean Park! 
It's been a long day...so we headed back to the hotel to rest and have energy because tomorrow's another longggggg day HAHA 

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